Grade 3/4 Camp

Posted December 16th August, 2019

On Monday morning, an excited group of students headed off to Camp Coolamatong. It was the first camp for our Grade 3’s, who thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Students participated in Geocaching, Mountain Bike Riding, Rock Climbing and Bush Cooking, along with a boat ride to Sperm Whale Head and Raymond Island. They also participated in plenty of games (including night tiggy!) and got to explore during free time where they could ride unicycles, go on the giant rope swing and plenty more! It was a pleasure to attend camp with the kids and they represented our school wonderfully. The camp had a theme of Resilience and Integrity for the 3 days, with the key messages being: 


Resilience: You don’t have to be the strongest person to show resilience.


Integrity: Be honest and be the same person both with people and when nobody is watching. 
Thanks to Sharne for organising and leading a great camp!



Cows Create Careers

Posted 8th August, 2019


This year Briagolong PS are participating in the Cows Create Careers program. This program helps to provide practical, insightful dairy industry education and career opportunities to school students throughout Australia. The Cows Create Careers program was started by the Strzelecki Lions Club in Gippsland, Victoria in 2004 and has now grown into a national program.

The program involves our school hosting two dairy calves who we will raise for 3 weeks. Carol and Geoff Landy have been kind enough to loan two jersey calves for this time. Over the next 3 weeks students will be feeding the calves twice daily, monitoring their health and measuring their growth compared to target growths on a regular basis. By bringing calves into our school, students who may not have had the experience of rearing calves will have the opportunity to learn of the different skills required in the dairy industry as well as the jobs that they may aspire to do in the future.

A huge thanks to Matt Cook for getting the shed ready!

Bike Education

Posted 21nd June, 2019


This week, our Grades 3 to 6 students have been completing the Bike Education program, which culminated in a road ride yesterday. Students completed both theory and practical based activities, learning to signal, ride in formation and be accountable on the road amongst other skills. It is important to follow up this learning with conversations at home about riding to and from school. A big thank you to the parent helpers who helped man sections of the course and assess riders as they went past.



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