Our teaching and learning curriculum values strong Reading, Writing and Numeracy programs as well as value student physical, social and emotional learning.


We pride personal growth for all learners within out school community including our professional teaching staff. The following mission statements have been developed as a (commitment or goal?) for every teacher and is continually reviewed and reflected;


At Briagolong Primary School we believe READING

At Briagolong Primary School we believe WRITING

At Briagolong Primary School we believe NUMERACY


Our dedicated professional staff provide modern classrooms where teaching and learning is flexible to respond to a variety of learning needs and is adaptive to student learning goals. Our teaching curriculum is shaped by the Gradual Release Model. The Gradual Release Model is a framework which engages students in purposeful and authentic learning. The model is designed for a gradual shift moving from teacher knowledge to student understanding and application. Teachers mentor students into becoming capable and critical thinkers whilst students learn to take responsibility in their learning. The framework is timely, allowing teachers to maximise learning opportunities in classrooms.


We recognise that children develop at different rates in different areas, and that there are multiple ways of learning intelligences. Briagolong Primary offers a wide variety of programs throughout the school to meet the needs of all our students at all levels. We promote students to experience a number of learning opportunities outside of the classroom. Students are offered to take part in our interschool sports program or they may choose to be involved in our Music and Drama production. We offer the popular problem-solving programme; Tornament of the Minds, Sommers Camp, or biannually students can become part of Briagolong’s 10 year tradition; by competing in the Human Powered Vehicle (HPV) Programme in Maryborough.


We encourage leadership through service to our community. Briagolong Primary School has relations with the Briagolong Lions Club, CFA and Kindergarten which have sustained for generations of students. These provide many annual opportunities for students to connect to their local area. Invaluable leadership opportunities offered are; Wellington Shire Public Speaking Competition, Biggest Ever BBQ, Buddies Transitional Programme, Red Gum Review, ANZAC Day March in Briagolong, Remembrance Day Service and more. The opportunities for developing lifelong learners is endless at Briagolong Primary School and we as educators are dedicated to making their time at school purposeful.